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Sometimes if you live in Lichfield or any of the surrounding areas in Netherstowe and you need help with boiler repairs, installation or servicing call kettle gas today on 01902 475192. We have seen that it is also very common that a broken boiler can be fixed and the faulty boiler can have another problem and the reason for this is that the faulty boiler could just be at that age where problems are just about to happen and when working on the broken boiler repair Lichfield, you will find that new problems are happening due to the ripple effect that causes other old boiler faults to happen. We have seen that the steps to you calling a boiler repair technician for a broken boiler are finding out your boiler isn't working, maybe some error code coming up or no power to the boiler requiring an electrician, maybe you have low pressure in your boiler and the pressure sensor is shutting the boiler down making you think your require an 24 hour emergency boiler specialist in Lichfield. Our team of experts are all qualified, gas safe registered plumbers, ready to carry out boiler repairs, servicing and installation safely and without causing any unnecessary risk.

Boiler Service Lichfield has been offering boiler services in Lichfield for many years now. Boiler Service Lichfield has the extensive range of boiler services it offers throughout Lichfield.
Our company strongly recommend that you do have your boiler serviced annually anyway, because apart from the obvious safety issues concerned, regular servicing will help to pre-empt any major problems with your boiler. We know that you should get your boiler serviced every year.
Most of the boiler breakdown sheet is brilliant. You should know that a boiler breakdown is never welcome and it causes a huge amount of stress and disruption.
You know that my telephone call to you was answered within 15 seconds. For us your team made the whole process so easy right from ordering the boiler to completion, from the initial phone call the service manager (paul) was with us 2 days later and was highly knowledgeable on the product offering.

Boiler Repair by Boiler Service Lichfield in Lichfield

Many of our gas engineers are experienced and fully qualified and are gas safe approved the company badge number is 193051. Many of our gas engineers are specialists in boiler repairs and servicing on all types of systems.

Call Boiler Service Lichfield on 01902 475192

You can call us 247 now on 01902 475192 and one of our professionally qualified gas safe registered engineers is on call to repair your boiler and restore your heating and hot water today. You are free to call us today on 01902 475192 for a free, no obligation quote.

Boiler Service Lichfield Provide Annual Boiler Servicing

You know that one thing you should definitely invest in is annual boiler servicing. Boiler Service Lichfield carries out the annual boiler service and gas supply check in double quick time, leaving it all running smoothly.

Central Heating System Installation from Boiler Service Lichfield

Whatever your needs, whether a full central heating installation, or a dripping tap, Boiler Service Lichfield can help you. Many of our gas and central heating engineers undertake all types of boiler and central heating installations, servicing, and repairs.

Boiler Service Lichfield Provide Boiler Service in Lichfield

We know that the most common boiler jobs we carry out include we can repair boiler models as well as a full range of boiler service and safety testing for any gas appliance in your home. Sometimes we are often asked the difference between a gas safety check and a gas boiler service, some gas service companies will simply come in and carry out a gas safety check and by putting an analyser on your flue and testing if the gas line is sound, this is far from a gas boiler service.